7 February 2012

its such a rush

guns and roses tshirt - was my dads
scarf (belt) - charity shop
burgundy skirt - ark
casio watch - amazon
black ring - charity shop
tights - m&s
underground creepers - office shoes

so, its kinda cold outside and today, here's what i was/am wearing. as well as this, i wore a dark blue american apparel hoodie and fur coat. my dog kind of got in the way of the picture as i was taking it, but oh well. in love with my creepers, although my dog has chewed one of the laces. american apparel do a skirt really similar in loads of different colours; i've got a couple, but i saw this for half the price, and its just as good quality wise!

please ignore the vile garden, its a mess seen as its winter and my parents work a lot of hours, as well as trying to decorate at the moment, so its an on going project!

ALSO, today i got lookbook so please take a look here, id really appreciate feedback etc! i'll do the same back!

what're your plans for this week? hope the weekend comes quickly for you all :)

charlotte x


  1. cool outfit!
    got the same t-shirt, should wear it again sometime ;)

    xx marie


  2. haha thank you!
    followed you back x

  3. Your creepers are so cool! Lovely outfit :)

  4. love this!
    i love this post!
    you have such great taste! brilliant blog!
    keep up the good work :)
    could you check out mine? would be an honour!!!
    It's fashion damnit
    thanks so much!

  5. Love the outfit, especially the guns and roses tee - amazing band. Wonderful blog - now following :-) Hope you follow back!
    much love