14 February 2012

a void i cant fill

denim jacket - charity shop, i just cut off the sleeves
leather jacket - charity shop
black knit vest - topshop
necklaces - forever 21, topshop
belt - cow vintage
patterned skirt - vintage
wooly socks - ebay
doc martens - ebay

i apologise about the long gap in an update, its just been tricky with work and more work. here's a new look from today and i hope you all like it. hope everyone is having a lovely half term too! i can happily say its so nice to have a break from school and all the stress it brings. i really wish i was going on holiday though, especially to new york or paris (for valentine's.) if any of you are single, dont be too down, its only 314 days until christmassssss ;)

happy valentine's day all.

& check out my lookbook please!

charlotte x


  1. This is such a perfect outfit, i love how you've layered the leather and denim :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

    1. thaaaaank you :) will be following you in a second! x

  2. i love this outfit! love that you've customised the chaz shop buys, love it! thanks for following facelesschic! xx fc

    facelesschic.blogspot.com xx

  3. really appreciate the feedback thank you and not a problem :) x

  4. cool outfit, i love your shoes!

    xx marie

  5. Hi lovely thanks for following me, now following you! :)

    Great blog, you look lovely here!



  6. Great Outfit! I like the denim vest and your cute skirt! Great combination!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog