31 August 2012


so after using this blog as mainly a blog for my photography, i've decided to create a fashion blog. PLEASE FOLLOW ME BY CLICKING HERE



6 June 2012


so, the other day i went on a walk, to clear my head and just to get some fresh air. neither of these images show you the views or things i saw; they're simply a couple of images i liked. check them out on flickr if you like, for full resolution versions (sometimes blogspot/blogger likes to ruin the quality!)#

im still yet to update from a photoshoot i did not so long ago, but i'll try and add them as soon as i can! exams are taking over my life, but good luck to you all with any that you have. i've done nowhere near enough work and im far too relaxed. my bed seems like the best place to be recently!

27 May 2012

facebook page

SO, ive not long set up a page on facebook for my photography and id really appreciate it if you could all go ahead and take a look and 'like' the page. id appreciate it so much, as it would spread the word of my photography and hopefully bring me some good opportunities. also, if you would share the page, id be especially greatful of that too.

link : http://www.facebook.com/CharlotteIllidgePhotography


i will updating on here again very soon, with another preview of a photoshoot that i have recently done. images are on my flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/varmxx/) or on the facebook page.  but for now, he's a sneaky preview of what i shall be posting on here shortly.

15 May 2012

PLEASE vote for my friend's picture!

CLICK HERE all you have to do, is click that link right there and enter a few details. id really appreciate you taking the time to do so, for one of my best friendssss!

also, im really sorry for the lack of updates recently! i just have loads of work to do, exams, revision, a job etc.
BUT, you'll be pleased to know, I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!

i'll try and update this more as i do more photoshoots and go more places over summer. no doubts my posts, will then, be more interesting for you guys! :)

charlotte x

18 April 2012

meet, liz.

so today i did a photoshoot with this lovely lady. im trying to build up a portfolio and get some experience, so if you're from the birmingham/wolverhampton area in the UK, get onto facebook and search for 'Charlotte Illidge Photography' or click here to get to the pageee. I'd really appreciate it if you could press the like button and if you want a shoot and you're in my area, let me know, it's free! Also, check out my flickr (here) to take a look at the pictures in better resolutions!

i apologise also about the lack of updates recently, ive just been lacking imagination and time. so much work to do before i go back to school, so little time. hope you all had a lovely easter! :)

charlotte xx

6 April 2012


so today i headed out to a woods by my house to get some pictures of my friend beth.
here's some of the pictures i've edited, check them out in better resolution and quality on my flickr. PLEASE could you have a look at the rest of my flickr too (if you dont mind) i'd really appreciate some feedback and comments from you all! also, PLEASE can you like my facebook photography page HERE! thank you :)

this is without doubt my favourite of the day!

im off to wales on sunday, until wednesday! so hopefully i'll get plenty of pictures to update you all with. im really sorry its been a while since i last update, i've been so busy with school work and actual work; i've been slightly run off my feet. late nights are catching up on me, but the amount of work is increasing.

happy easter all,

charlotte x

22 March 2012

girls like mystery

so over the past few days ive been in chester. i went out and about seeing some of the city. its such a nice place, nothing is massively modern and some of the buildings are so beautiful. spent some time looking around at clothes and following ollie around whilst he decides whether to buy an iphone (which he chose not to get.) ive had such a nice chilled out past couple of days, and im sad to be home but, now i cant wait for a two week break at easter.

the train journey down dragged a little, but knowing id see my boyfriend soon enough made time pass a lot quicker than i expected. elle magazine also helped pass the time, and reading about the olsen twins certainly made me even more envious of their fashion wardrobe and their lifestyle.

going somewhere like chester with a lack of money, however, is probably not the best of ideas. considering there's so many shops and things to see, loose change i had simply wasnt enough so the past few days purchases consists of elle magazine, drinks whilst on a night out, maybe a burger king and a meal deal at the station this morning. i had to get off at crewe to change onto a train back to wolverhampton but, my wait was dull, so i got my camera out.