22 March 2012

girls like mystery

so over the past few days ive been in chester. i went out and about seeing some of the city. its such a nice place, nothing is massively modern and some of the buildings are so beautiful. spent some time looking around at clothes and following ollie around whilst he decides whether to buy an iphone (which he chose not to get.) ive had such a nice chilled out past couple of days, and im sad to be home but, now i cant wait for a two week break at easter.

the train journey down dragged a little, but knowing id see my boyfriend soon enough made time pass a lot quicker than i expected. elle magazine also helped pass the time, and reading about the olsen twins certainly made me even more envious of their fashion wardrobe and their lifestyle.

going somewhere like chester with a lack of money, however, is probably not the best of ideas. considering there's so many shops and things to see, loose change i had simply wasnt enough so the past few days purchases consists of elle magazine, drinks whilst on a night out, maybe a burger king and a meal deal at the station this morning. i had to get off at crewe to change onto a train back to wolverhampton but, my wait was dull, so i got my camera out.

13 March 2012

where is home

so, here's a new look from my lookbook. i was walking the dog earlier and kinda liked what i was wearing. its an easy wearing outfit, chuck on a shirt and jumper and leggings arent exactly difficult to get on! i hardly wear leggings very often, but i guess theyre comfy so its alright.

this is some photography i've recently taken. i dont know if any of you like photography or anything, but if you do, then check out my flickr if you want to :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/varmxx/

5 March 2012

midnight show

so its just another outfit post! nothing crazzzzy. ive been chilling at home since midday (ish) as i had sixth form this morning. the lessons dragged but im home and in bed now, so im happy again. i need to catch up on some sleep and do some work. today ive managed to be slightly productive and organise my wardrobe... procrastination at its best if you ask me!

run dmc top - asos
skirt - american apparel
socks - ebay

enjoy your evening and the rest of the weeeek! :)

charlotte x

4 March 2012

so here we are

so its been a busy couple of weeks and im absolutely exhausted. im really behind on my blog right now but im going to try fill it up as much as a can. ive had a long but nice weekend so far; however my 10 - 7:30 shift couldnt have passed slower. although, the £££ is worth it. after work me and the work lot went out for a few drinks. ended up eating pizza and chips at 3am, yet again. me eating pizza after nights out seems to be a regular occurance recently! have you all been busy this weekend working or partying? is there anything you always seeem to do when you get in after a night out? itd be nice to hear im not the only one who seems to have an almost 'routine.'

anyway, as promised; here's some pictures of the beautiful lomography la sardina camera i won :) its such a cute camera and i havent had chance to use it yet as ive got another couple of 35mm films already on the go! im also behind on getting some of my images processed so i'll try and do that soon and upload them (or at least some of them).


charlotte x