22 March 2012

girls like mystery

so over the past few days ive been in chester. i went out and about seeing some of the city. its such a nice place, nothing is massively modern and some of the buildings are so beautiful. spent some time looking around at clothes and following ollie around whilst he decides whether to buy an iphone (which he chose not to get.) ive had such a nice chilled out past couple of days, and im sad to be home but, now i cant wait for a two week break at easter.

the train journey down dragged a little, but knowing id see my boyfriend soon enough made time pass a lot quicker than i expected. elle magazine also helped pass the time, and reading about the olsen twins certainly made me even more envious of their fashion wardrobe and their lifestyle.

going somewhere like chester with a lack of money, however, is probably not the best of ideas. considering there's so many shops and things to see, loose change i had simply wasnt enough so the past few days purchases consists of elle magazine, drinks whilst on a night out, maybe a burger king and a meal deal at the station this morning. i had to get off at crewe to change onto a train back to wolverhampton but, my wait was dull, so i got my camera out.


  1. love the outfit! the leather jacket is gorgeous.



    1. thaaaaaaaank you! feel like such a loser on lookbook :( i never get many 'hype'
      :( sulk.


  2. love your blog hun! it's so good! you have amazing taste!
    keep up the good work!
    mind checking mine out? i recently changed the web address, its now Idiotic fashion
    thank you! would be an honour!
    <3 Lottie

    1. not a problem! i'll follow you
      thank you x

  3. Cute outfit xx I've been thinking about buying that shirt myself.


  4. I did not know about ur blog and is so cute! i'm following u now :) what about following eachother? :)

  5. Nice blog and outfit! I follow you ! :)