27 May 2012

facebook page

SO, ive not long set up a page on facebook for my photography and id really appreciate it if you could all go ahead and take a look and 'like' the page. id appreciate it so much, as it would spread the word of my photography and hopefully bring me some good opportunities. also, if you would share the page, id be especially greatful of that too.

link : http://www.facebook.com/CharlotteIllidgePhotography


i will updating on here again very soon, with another preview of a photoshoot that i have recently done. images are on my flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/varmxx/) or on the facebook page.  but for now, he's a sneaky preview of what i shall be posting on here shortly.

15 May 2012

PLEASE vote for my friend's picture!

CLICK HERE all you have to do, is click that link right there and enter a few details. id really appreciate you taking the time to do so, for one of my best friendssss!

also, im really sorry for the lack of updates recently! i just have loads of work to do, exams, revision, a job etc.
BUT, you'll be pleased to know, I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!

i'll try and update this more as i do more photoshoots and go more places over summer. no doubts my posts, will then, be more interesting for you guys! :)

charlotte x