18 April 2012

meet, liz.

so today i did a photoshoot with this lovely lady. im trying to build up a portfolio and get some experience, so if you're from the birmingham/wolverhampton area in the UK, get onto facebook and search for 'Charlotte Illidge Photography' or click here to get to the pageee. I'd really appreciate it if you could press the like button and if you want a shoot and you're in my area, let me know, it's free! Also, check out my flickr (here) to take a look at the pictures in better resolutions!

i apologise also about the lack of updates recently, ive just been lacking imagination and time. so much work to do before i go back to school, so little time. hope you all had a lovely easter! :)

charlotte xx

6 April 2012


so today i headed out to a woods by my house to get some pictures of my friend beth.
here's some of the pictures i've edited, check them out in better resolution and quality on my flickr. PLEASE could you have a look at the rest of my flickr too (if you dont mind) i'd really appreciate some feedback and comments from you all! also, PLEASE can you like my facebook photography page HERE! thank you :)

this is without doubt my favourite of the day!

im off to wales on sunday, until wednesday! so hopefully i'll get plenty of pictures to update you all with. im really sorry its been a while since i last update, i've been so busy with school work and actual work; i've been slightly run off my feet. late nights are catching up on me, but the amount of work is increasing.

happy easter all,

charlotte x