6 June 2012


so, the other day i went on a walk, to clear my head and just to get some fresh air. neither of these images show you the views or things i saw; they're simply a couple of images i liked. check them out on flickr if you like, for full resolution versions (sometimes blogspot/blogger likes to ruin the quality!)#

im still yet to update from a photoshoot i did not so long ago, but i'll try and add them as soon as i can! exams are taking over my life, but good luck to you all with any that you have. i've done nowhere near enough work and im far too relaxed. my bed seems like the best place to be recently!


  1. the photo's lovely, cool outfit!
    and poppies are my favourite flowers, they look so fragile and wild.. xx


  2. lovely blog...if you want we can follow each other??????? http://comeduegoccedacqua.blogspot.it/

  3. The lighting in the first photo is really beautiful, and the poppy looks stunning, the red really pops! I am really enjoying reading your blog! I cant wait ti see future posts. I am now subscribed.