16 February 2012

we used to wait

god knows where i got this shirt from, most likely a charity shop/cow vintage. its so cosy and comfy, i could spend the rest of my life in it, haha. today feels like the end of my half term. i woke up this morning, spent the last few hours with my boyfriend before he went back to uni, then went with him there and came back. now im stuck at home bored out my brains with very little to do. i hate how as soon as he goes away, i feel really lonely all the time. i know i have my friends around but, they have boyfriends too. boyfriends who're always at home, or a quick walk away (not 2 hours away). i hate how i depend on him so much but hes the person i pass most of my time with.

i over think everything so much, i hate it and i apologise.

im praying for the summer weather already, the sky needs to make its mind up whether it wants to be warm/cold, windy/rainy etc (sun would be preferable). as soon as the suns out, the shorts will follow. im really intrigued as to see what "trends" come in this spring/summer, if there are any that come in on the high street. what do you all think will come in over the spring/summer seasons?

so anyway, here's just a post to show you what i wore today. as you can most likely tell, i was feeling pretty lazy but, i wore this with an american apparel hoodie + a leather jacket.

i hope you all enjoy the rest of your time off, if you have any time off that is.

charlotte x