4 February 2012

self image

so for my A2 art, we're onto our last unit; unit 4. there's a few topics that i like at the moment but i think i might end up going for "self image" or "possesions." both of them are quite broad topics really when you think about it. if i go on to do "self image" i think i may end up going into emotions/human behaviour; but, if i go for "possesions" i think i may end up going for shoes purely because i have so many and they're easy to photography firsthand.

here's a few of the photo's ive taken not so long ago! the images will most likely look a little better if you click on them as they'll open up bigger.
i've tried to keep the images quite raw/blank and any feedback would be really appreciated!

charlotte x


  1. i have to disagree but thank you!

    if you have flickr, its on there too x