2 February 2012

shoes shoes shoes

shoes named clockwise:
1. red velvet doc martens
2. black studded jeffrey campbell lita
3. office aztec brogue
4. underground black/leopard wulfrun creeper
5. office t-bar patent shoes

i cant get enough of shoes at the moment. working in a shoe shop really doesnt help in the slightest.

docs and creepers will always be two of my favourites. i know theyre about £80+ each, but theyre gonna last and its unlikely they'll go "out of fashion." although, trends arent always there to be followed, make your own trends, break the rules, do what you want and wear whatever you want.

alot of people find creepers really manly and quite ugly but, personally, i think theyre really nice. they stand out, theyre bold and almost make a statement of their own. i know theyre not very feminine but thats where you can mix and match. i guess jeffrey campbells are kinda similar, these especially. even though they're a high heel, they're bulky and the studs makes them more masculine; almost 'punk-like.' they look great with tights, high waisted shorts and a shirt, and theyre definately worth the £100+ price tag. doc martens are always going to be stupidly practical. whatever the weather, they're a bulky shoe and they're gonna keep the water/snow/shit weather out. warm, admitidly not the comfiest, but they are great to slip on with jeans, leggings, shorts etc. the possibilities go on and they last for absolutely ages! if you ask me, they look better when theyre well worn and quite messsy!

the brogues and t-bar shoes, are more dainty and feminine but, you can still mix and match them with things. for example, either of them would look great with grey wooly tights, a check shirt and an american apparel hoodie under a baseball jacket. again there are loads of options! you could wear these with dresses or whatever you feel really, just express yourself in what you wear!

be adventurous and dare to be different.

charlotte x


  1. Loving the creepers!
    Happy weekend hun xoxo

  2. WOW...AMAZING!!!!
    A BIG KISS!!!!!!

  3. They're all amazing :-) I don't think I'll every get over my love for the Jeffrey Campbell Litas! I've nominated you for the Liebster/Versatile Blogger awards, check out my post here: http://talbsx.blogspot.com/2012/02/versatile-blogger-liebster-awards.html xx

  4. i'm dying for a pair of studded litas! and i like creepers too! thanks for following x


  5. thanks for the nomination I really appreciate it!! thank you do much
    jeffrey Campbell litas are definitely beautiful; I've just ordered a pair myself :-) thanks for the kind comments too x

  6. literally in love with eevry single one of these shoes & your blog!
    ordered some jc litas and should be here on monday ,they're definitely worth the price i'm so excited!
    mantenso xx
    ohh now following also (:

  7. haha thank youuuuu! I'm just waiting for some lita's too!
    I've followed you back xxx