15 January 2012

good intentions

yesterday i had work for the first time in over a week, wasnt too bad although ross had to finish an hour early leaving just me and ted on the close. i think it was a bit of a shock to the system having to get up and go to work, after not having to go for so long.

today, im bored as ever. ive been trying to revise for quite a while, and i can safely say, i hate AS PE, and im really not looking forward to this retake on thursday. everything seems to be going in one ear and out the other, or i just sit and look at writings whilst hoping some of it actually sinks in :-(

so ive given up with the revision, and im going to sit here and chill whilst i realise im not going to do any better than i originally did. i have such a short attention span, so that doesnt help trying to revise either; but, ive given up for today.

i have another exam tomorrow morning, which is general studies, the scientific paper. that'll at least be 2/3 exams down. really looking forward to my birthday now, less than 2 weeks to go until i get my beautiful new camera and i can actually start blogging more often about what im wearing and what ive seen etc. (rather than it just being words on a page, as i know thats kinda boring.)

im going to sit here and do nothing other than mess around on facebook, and internet shop for clothes that i cant currently afford. pay day needs to hurry up and so does the 28th. no more borrowing of ID.

charlotte x

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