12 January 2012

i think about you all the time

on tuesday i got 1 of 3 exams done and out of the way. PE is going to be interesting but, i really wanna get an A!

ive spent this evening looking for tattoo ideas, and doodling on my arm. so now i have to attempt to get these words and doodles off which could prove interesting. i really like some of these; but in the not so obvious places.

its the placement of a tattoo, size and colour etc thats the hardest i think. the design is a hard choice too but, placement is key. once its there, its there forever (unless you get lasering etc but whatever.)

id love something smaaaaall, and cute.
anyone got any good ideas?
words are lovely tattoo's too. i think theyre often more effective than an image or design. id love something simple like "believe" or "have faith" or "love lost"


tomorrows friday, which means its another day closer to the weekend, another day closer to work (BUT ALSO ANOTHER DAY CLOSER TO MY 18TH BIRTHDAY!) however, im kinda looking forward to it. not having to go on tuesday night was delightful but, i got kinda bored and spent the night in bed.

hope everyone has a busy, fun filled weekend. mine will definately not be. revision is necessary.

charlotte x

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