16 January 2012

fashion police

so, this evening i was sorting out some clothes and i started thinking why ive kept stuff i have etc. i could go on for ages about things ive thrown away and kept but, i think the list would probably be longer than i can remember.


this woman will always be, and has always been, a great inspiration to me and my style. her mixture of feminine and masculine styles always cease to amaze me and her entire audience. from originally presenting on channel 4, alexa has come an extremely long way in terms of developing her style.

its safe to say, id kill for her wardrobe. pieces from chanel would sit happily upon my shoulders. she's an icon chosen by many, and to me she inspires massively.

i also like her ever changing themes. one minute she's grungey; next minute, she's walking down the red carpet in a detailed sequin dress, covered by a bold, boyish, blazer.

her hair seems to change too, but always fits in with her own personality. its a bold edged cut, with the occasional blonde highlight or freshly cut fringe.

i'll leave you with those thoughts but, what are you opinion's on alexa?

charlotte x


  1. this is very true! she's incredddddible

  2. btw, ive followed your blogggg!

  3. I've never seen a bad photo of Alexa and her outfits are always incredible! You're right - it's the perfect balance of masculine/ feminine .