4 January 2012

violent delights

today was the first day back, and as expected; hell. i managed to cut my finger, have a bit of a cry/stresssss out and sit wasting time.

i was thinking today, i kinda wanna add more fashion elements and everyday life images into this blog to make it more visually interesting and appealing. at the moment i dont have an slr (well i do, but im picky and my lens is only working on manual focus so i class it as not working). so when my birthday comes, i'll get my new camera and hopefully feed in some of my own images to do with fashion, things ive seen, places ive been, everyday life or even my photography (both digital&film).

here's a few examples of my photography just for the sake of filling gaps and giving you an idea of my stuff. although this stuff is really old now.

theres a few, so if you wanna take a look at my flickr feel free and add me as a contaccccccct! - click here

im gonna try and start updating it more when i get my new camera sorted. so bare with me if you will :-)

however, tonight im absolutely shattered. 7am starts will be the death of me. im drained and its only just started again. so tired recently, physically and mentally; with work and late nights, theyre slowly catching up on me.

i have exams in less than a week and im sat here watching new moon. i'll say thats time well spent; cant get enough of the cold and pale, edward cullen. jasper's a cutey too. i also have an art essay to finish for a weeks time, again, i have no self motivation to do that at this time, so therefore, as usual, i will procrastinate.

please can time pass slower on friday/saturday morning. thanks.

charlotte x

"no measure of time with you would be long enough, but we'll start with forever."

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