3 January 2012

fractured life

so, i thought id write another blog before my christmas/new year holidays are officially over. eugh

here's to constant moaning about life, sixth form and it's ever increasing work load, stupid o'clock early morning wake up calls, work when all i want to do is sleep and probably just rants about being generally pissed off. maybe the constant sulk too, about being stressed and missing certain people.

however, the past three weeks ive had off ive thoroughly enjoyed. there hasn't really been days wasted, apart from one spent it bed, but duvet days are never a waste. spent too much money, not done any work and genuinly loved it. january exams however, cannot come and go fast enough :-(

by the end of tomorrow i will hate life due to the fact i have general studies and it's a waste of life, but im looking forward to catching up with my twin in art.

sunday, i will be a sulking misery due to the fact ollie's going back to uni. and after three weeks of seeing him pretty much every day, it's kinda a big punch in the chest, infact a massive one.

can't wait for summer to come back round, im really not enjoying the lack of white christmas and the stupidly harsh winds.

on a moany note, but happy/sad feeling, im loving and leaving you all.

happy new year again.

charlotte x

oh and my resolutions are
1: eat less crap/junk food
2: continue to not bite my nails
3: work hard on art and pe

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