23 January 2012

i am.

blazer - topshop
sequin collar shirt - topshop
shorts - gigi vintage
both rings - h&m
creepers - underground/ebay
vintage chanel belt - ebay
heart tights - m&s

so here's an outfit i put together; its something i'd wear to go shopping or to work in. its a comfortable outfit and its easy to change bits and pieces. i think you could swap the denim shorts for leathers/some hot pants if you wanna take this to a more 'going out' styled outfit. you could also change the tights to some knee high socks & the creepers to some heels, maybe jeffrey campbell's or some big platformed wedges!
alot of this you could probably find on ebay for cheaper or similar items in charity shops and such. you could add a scarf round the neck or tied in your hair as a bow, to give a more feminine edge to the outfit, to clash with the creepers.


on a slightly more formal note, its my 18th birthday on saturday, and i'll finally be getting a new slr. i'll introduce more of my outfits and wardrobe choices, maybe some new clothes (when i buy them) too. the odd bit of photography here and there, places i go and have been, things ive seen, and people im with. i hope you like my blog, i just really wanna get more people to follow me! if you have any tips on how to spread my blog around and such, please let me know! any help would be greatly appreciated and i'll try and get your blog more spread around too.


  1. Hey! Just discovered your blog! Love the leaf ring! Would love for you to stop by my blog & if you love please follow, I'll be happy to follow you back xoxo

  2. love this belt :) ach und voll cool, dass man den text erst lesen kann, wenn man kommentieren möchte :)

    ENJOY xoxo

  3. love this set!! xoxo


  4. thank you for all the lovely feedback and comments! really appreciate it! x

  5. I love the white blouse with the black collar, so cute! xx