19 January 2012

candyfloss hair

so, i've always been obsessed with ellie goulding but, at the moment i cant get enough of her candyfloss pink hair. i think it looks so good on so many people, especially when people are already naturally blonde. not only does it look good in pink, it looks really cool in lilac too! i know ellie's been lilac aswell, and it seems to be quite a hit. what d'you think?

its time like this when i wish i was naturally blonde and could do this without destroying my hair totally. the dip dye at the end of my hair has made it feel a bit dry, so if youve got dip dyed hair, just use massssses off conditioner when you can.

another reason im obssesed with her is because of her style. i found this image on tumblr...

i dont think it shows her style in the best light, but i really like the image. her style is so individual and unique, even if she wears designers or brands, she wears it in her own way. she's elegantly feminine but with the odd masculine twist, like the shaved side of her hair. id love a wardrobe like hers, full of american apparel, urban outfitters and one off designer pieces.

(and to top it all off, her music's amazing aswell.) take a listen on her youtube channel here


on another note, today i had my last exam. tomorrow i get to see my boyfriend for the first time in two weeeks, im a happy giiiiiiiirl :-)

charlotte x