12 December 2011


its the 12th december, 13 days until christmas, 6 days until my boy is home and with me, 47 days until my 18th birthday. wouldnt mind some of these things over the next couple of months...

feeling christmassy, slowly but surely. my fairy lights are in full force, as is my advent calendar. shame im not so up to date on all my presents... woops. oh well, two weeks to catch up.

currently watching little fockers, and id definately say it follows on very well to meet the fockers. the story is actually class. 'pull my finger' 'double dose of focker.'

feel like i just write about nothingness on here, all the time. because the truth is, i do. i just post what im doing, rather than what i feel, which isnt something i wanted to do, but still. hopefully i'll try and change that, and also keep this more visually dynamic. i apologise if you dont like my blog but, i guess if you dont then you dont necessarily have to read it.

thanks if you do read it though. whats everyone been doing the past few days?
charlotte x

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