13 December 2011


this morning i was rudely awaken by oliver texting me at half even or whatever time it was ;-). i just lay there for an hour trying to sleep, but it didnt work until one o'clock before waking up again at twenty to two. im absolutely shattered, so glad i havent gone to school today, general studies is a waste of time and i wouldnt have done any work in my frees when i really needed to get some done.

i've just managed to finish the page i wanted to finish on my art essay, and added a few tweaks to some of my other parts, although im still clueless on the one piece - you can see for yourself...

yeah, as i said. pretty c l u e l e s s. so mr warren's going have a shouting spree at me tomorrow before he actually gets down to helping me sort it out and give me something to write about. y'know because he knows everything. i think ive managed to bullshit my way through the other pieces pretty well though so far and adding pictures is always a great way to take up more and more space that you want to fill. definately works a treat to make it look like youve done more work.

i had my advent chocolate this morning while i was half asleep but, my tummy still managed to rumble enough to get me to move out of bed to get that chocolate. finding number thirteen when youre half asleep is always pretty difficult, especially when your eyes are closed :-)

ive got work tonight the usual tuesday night shift with beth and corrie. however, i really dont want to go outside yet, im too scared to leave the house because it looks absolutely freezing and its so windy. there's some country club opposite my house and theyve got a flag outside; it looks like its going at about one hundred miles an hour. i know thats an exageration but i always freeeeeeze, especially at the bus stop :-( its times like now i wish i could drive, well i can drive but i wish id have already passed my test.

on that note, im going to hurl myself into bed, and wrap myself like a caterpillar in my duvet before i have to get into the shower and get readdddy. eugh. not looking forward to the sudden cold feeling when i get out the shower either.

charlotte x


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