4 March 2012

so here we are

so its been a busy couple of weeks and im absolutely exhausted. im really behind on my blog right now but im going to try fill it up as much as a can. ive had a long but nice weekend so far; however my 10 - 7:30 shift couldnt have passed slower. although, the £££ is worth it. after work me and the work lot went out for a few drinks. ended up eating pizza and chips at 3am, yet again. me eating pizza after nights out seems to be a regular occurance recently! have you all been busy this weekend working or partying? is there anything you always seeem to do when you get in after a night out? itd be nice to hear im not the only one who seems to have an almost 'routine.'

anyway, as promised; here's some pictures of the beautiful lomography la sardina camera i won :) its such a cute camera and i havent had chance to use it yet as ive got another couple of 35mm films already on the go! im also behind on getting some of my images processed so i'll try and do that soon and upload them (or at least some of them).


charlotte x