21 February 2012

taste the tension

this week has been a bit manic if im honest. ive done no work, when i should have. ive spent time in bed, when i should have been doing work. i spent time doing basically nothing, therefore its manic because now i'll start to panic.

anyway! i kinda got bored tonight and started messing around with the fairy lights in my room. thought itd be interesting to see the light and dark that it actually makes on things (like me.)
so, here's a couple of images i took. theyre not the best quality because of the low light that was in my room (because i wanted the focus to be on the fairy lights) so i apologise for that :) you should try it, its a laugh and you can mess with shadows and highlights etc. its all trial and error really but, give it a go! also check this out on my FLICKRRRRRRR please!

also today ive taken a few more shots for my self image project. dreading drawing any of them! on the plus side, i got asked by a couple of people at work today to do shoots for them. mainly fashion/portrait based and a music concert too. all practise is good practise, and the more i can get then the better i'll get (hopefully!)

i hope this week flies by for you all :)

charlotte x