8 January 2012

my apologies

about slacking, yet again with my posts. ive been at sixth form this week again and already is piling up on me. i was sick at school on friday too and ive spent my weekend with oll before he went back to uni today :-(

friday was a bit of a nasty one for me, my stomach was crippling me, and i was sick in school... not the most pleasant of days if im entirely honest. starting the day of like that didnt help, especially when it was necessary for me to go to my afternoon art lesson. hmphhhh however, i did feel a bit better after id actually got some work done and ate a little, so i guess all ended better than expected. after that i went back to my boyfriends to be looked after and cuddledddd.

saturday i called in sick to work because i still didnt feel great and i was all headachey, so i spent my day feeling drowsy and ended up falling asleep on the sofa in a dressing gown for about half an hour, while everyone worked round me etc. i think the catch up on sleep was necessary after all the early morning/late night combinations this week. i still havent got into any sort of routine, as i have a very acute sense of self discipline, especially when it comes to bed time and actually getting work done. however, back to my day. saturday night i curled up in bed with oll, and somehow we managed to stay up talking for about 2 hours which was kinda niceee. just didnt want this holiday to end and for him to leave and go back to uni :-(

and today, finally arrived. the day id been dreading for 3 weeks. the day i didnt want to exist and the day i didnt want to face. spent it sulking, talking, crying etc. just hasnt been a happy day really. ive sulked about it, probably more than i should and i know im silly but i hate the distance all the time. going from seeing someone everyday while i was in year 12, and over summer, and holidays; to seeing someone once a week/every 2 weeks, is possibly one of the hardest things ever. especially when its your boyfriend, as gay as that sounds, but its trueeeee.

(i hate that second picture of me, but i love oll's face hahaha)

however, tonight when i got back, after a bus journey that seemed to go on for hours, ive actually done some much needed revision/homework, to attempt to take my mind off things.

today, im a day closer to getting my new camera, as its my 18th in 20 days. i have a general studies exam on tuesday, and another, a week tomorrow. my PE, AS retake is on the 19th too, seriously hate exams :-(

good luck with exams if you have any, and im going to try keep this as up to date as i can while january passes. sorry if i slack a little, ive got a lot of work at the moment, especially art. meanwhile, im going to sit here, and eat the box of heroes my brother stupidly left, while the night passes. no doubt i'll go to bed tonight at stupid o'clock again. oh well...

charlotte x