2 December 2011

weekend blitz

i can finally open another window on this....
christmas is getting ever closer and i can't wait, although, time seems to be dragging slowly. (note to self, must. buy. presents. soon.) tonight i've managed to set this up, after falling asleep for an hour or so & now im watching a film i have no idea about but, what i do know is that Russell Brand looks beautiful as ever. work tomorrow should be jam packed, 3-8/30 always goes quickly, especially when it's busy. im so tired but so awake at the same time, but there's something i like about this feeling, got a bit of an 'edge' to it? that sounds so strange hahaha. i wish i was more concrete in decision making, im the worst at coming to a conclusion when it's necessary. however, i have chosen to get up ridiculously early on sunday morning to go and see Oliver, that's dedication, because i miss him.
im gonna end on a note of excitement, for me anyway, maybe not you.
hope you all sleep well, if you're not already asleep and enjoy your weekend break, away from the world of school qualifications.
23 days until christmas,

Charlotte x

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