7 December 2011

stinging eyes

so last night after having a nap, i had to go to work. absolutely smashedddddd it :-) had a suprise visit too haha. i approached a lady and said "are you okay there?" for her son to reply "yeah im fine thanks."
turned out, it was my best friend perry and his mom. i felt like such an idiot, and slightly embarrassed, oh well.
working until half ten takes its toll, especially when the one till is down £ten and we have bags full of change. so much so, we have to put them in a separate bag to all the cash, ridiculously heavy too :-(.

on the way to school at the moment, ready to jump out the car window; really would rather be anywhere but going to school. my eye lids feel like they've got lead weights attached to them. ready for mr warren to have a go this morning because ive forgotten my essay, cbaaaa to listen to it. the intense pain in my shoulder still lingers from yesterday, so i may chop it off :-)

on that really pleasant note, im going to leave you, whilst im forced to listen to some shit old music.

have a good day all,
Charlotte x

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