9 December 2011


i apologise i didnt blog yesterday, i spent all day in bed so i thought there was very little to say.

however, today, ive been busy busy busy. i spent my frees this morning making a huge paper chain for our form room (as reqested by mrs turner.) (see picture of luke below.) ended up missing assembly to put the badboy up in formmmmm.

then after a lunch of only cake w. custard, i moved to art where i spent a triple lesson messing around with monoprinting, and drawing ink on top of dried pva. sounds exhilerating, im fully aware....

tonight i had work, after devouring a mcdonalds finest, plain quarter pounder with cheese, large fries (i asked for medium) and a large coke, under £5. love getting maccies vouchers from work, although i think my arteries could do with a rest for a while. smashed tonight at work, took £1200 individually in less than 4 hours, thank you very much; although working until 10:30 dragssssssssss. work again tomorrow 3 - 8:30, saturdays are the craziest!

my night tonight is sorted, slouching and cuddling myself in bed with a packet of skittles and a pint of cold squash, whilst my favourite film ever ('the sound of music') is playing on my screen. oh gosh, forgot how much i love julie andrews in this film, she is quite literally a babe. "doe, ray, me, far, sew, la, tea, doe" :')

hope you all have/had a lovely friday evening,
mine was manic.

sweet dreams,
Charlotte x

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