27 December 2011


time seems to being going so quickly, cant believe how fast the holidays are passsing by. in the past couple of days ive managed to gain a tiger pattern onesie (see picture below), a pair of vans (what a suprise), a pair of trousers and probably a bit of weight too (with the fast food ive been eating).

i can tell you're all extremely jealous... its stupidly comfy and incredibly warm.

todays been a bit of a blunder, as was yesterday (almost!)


started with a bit of madness. had to be up at 9:30am to start work @ 11. little to say, office was absolutely rammed. i couldnt move on the shop floor; literal mayhem, people were handing me shoes here there and everywhere and it stayed that way until i finished at 5. the shop was an absolute mess and im stupidly glad i didnt have to stay until we closed so i didnt have to sort it all out. a women rudely stormed at me for apparently "ignoring" her daughter, who i wish a slapped face upon. however, i did sell an awful lot of shoes, so im not complaining at alll.
after work, i went straight to oll's house to spend the night with his family, auntie, uncle and cousins. the night swept away with numerous drinks, bites to eat and a hefty indulge in a piece oft traditional xmas yule log. we played outburst (boys vs. girls) which is always a bad idea because boys cheat and get all competitive. never the less, we had a laugh and i got my onesieeeeeeeeeeeee!


today went on a cheeky little shop for a few bargains, although i only bought some trousers which were half price in the topshop sale (£20). at my own work i purchased another pair of shoes which were in the sale. so grateful tonight was quiet in comparison to yesterday, i had no energy especially after the day i had. after getting to the bus stop at just before 3:30pm, i waited for a bus i expected at 3:46pm. i waited with oll and waited before oll left me and i was left to wait (in the freezing cold). it came to about 4:30pm and the bus i wanted still hadnt come so i got on another bus home before arguing with my dad to pick me up and take me to work, which in turn left me feeling even worse. i was so upset at everythings, just became so frustrated that nothing had gone my way. the world hated me today, and i hated the world.

im watching inception, yet again, absolutely fucking up my mind. its too late to even pay a large amount of attention to it, so im catching a few bits here and again. im absolutely starving but im not in the state of mind to make food, yet alone have i got the energy.

im going to munch on some celebrations, although its difficult with an ulcer under my tongue causing me agony, however, my efforts will not be dampened.

goodnight all, im 18 in 1 month, 10 minutes (thats the 28th of january to you and i). cannot wait.

happy birthday to me.

charlotte x


  1. nice costume!<3
    On my blog you can apply for a blog presentation and you don't have to present me as well!;) so just try it, I would be happy!:)
    lovely greetings xoxo

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  3. I love your onesie, I have a cow one! :Dx