5 December 2011

im not the best you could have obtained

so yesterday i managed to conquer the sunday shopping times and buy some clothes for oliver; for christmas. first christmas presents ive bought this year, so far...
watched a ridiculous amount of films; taken, breaking dawn, some weird thing about being abducted by aliens.. don't even ask. cuddled in bed with some popcorn (that was as plain as a sheet of paper) and drank 1.5 litres of ice tea peach flavour.
sleeping in a single bed with another person is so uncontrolably uncomfortable. tossing and turning, trying to get comfy, trying to share a duvet and pillows. its all equal to an awful nights sleep, other than actually being warm for once. hours passed so slowly, it was strange. finally woke up at 10, to fall back asleep and to wake up 11:04. breakfast didn't exist - survived my day on erm, a starbucks, ribena and some custard creams, oh and a pack of crisps.

chilled before going up town to be turned into an icicle by the vile, strong wind :-(

then, again, lunch didn't exist (out of choice.) and i was sick, eugh :-(

went to a place called handbridge, which again was freezing. got this cute shot on my instax of a lamp on the river bridge before returning to get a gingerbread latte from starbucks.

back to the house after that for a quick last minute check id got everything. dont want to go home, it's horrible every time i leave chester, think ive fallen in love with the place, just a little!
sat on the train wishing i wasn't heading home, wishing i could just stay there foreverrrrrrr with my boy. it's hard not to get upset, especially when i have nothing to take my mind off everything i don't want to think about. school tomorrow too just makes this feeling sink even further in. not even cosmopolitan can change that, or food. just want my boy, some more films, and to be back in chester. (and to not be going home)

had such a nice couple of days, wish it could have been longer.

feeling drained and down. sulking on the train :-( listening to two door cinema club to try cheer me up but it simply isn't working.

Charlotte x

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