24 December 2011

quiter than expected

so its the day before christmas and i planned to spend 12-5 at work. fortunately it was quiet, so that got cut short and i went home early. well when i say home, before that i mean a trip to mcdonalds.

i didnt expect it but oliver turned up at my front door, so the last few of his presents were passed over to him. we now have matching watches (how gay). chilled and watched matilda before i dip dyed my hair again... (picture to follow).

my routine went a little like this;
1. dye hair
2. go out for a bit
3. dye hair again.

ive been trying to get the ends lighter so thought id dye it a couple of times. so yeah, ello dis is me.

wrapped my moms last few presents and now im, yet again 'chilling' watching the chronicles of narnia. waiting for the hours to tick by so i can shred some wrapping paper and indulge far too heavilyyy.

hope you all have a good christmas,
only one hour thirty minutes to go.

charlotte x

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