30 December 2011

in the city

today me and beth braved birmingham as a last minute thing. so at about 3 o'clock we got on the train and went on our way. we thought it might be best not to go for the topshop sales as people are like dogs to get what they want, and its always absolutely manic.

here's my purchases from today:

check shirt - £12 - cow vintage.
hoodie - £32 (20% off) - american apparel.
silk shirt - £10 (sale) - urban outfitters.

as well as what you can see, i also got a pale blue tshirt with 'harvard' on the front of it, for £6 from cow vintage. i love some of the stuff in there, but everytime i pick something up i just think to myself 'i could get this in a charity shop for at least half the price.' im forever after a bargain, i hate spending lots of money on one item of clothing. id rather get more for my money, seen as i have to pay for it all myself (due to having a job.) my mom nevers buys me anything anymore, its a very rare occasion, and i hate that fact.

other than that, i spent my morning in bed watching tv, made in chelsea in particular and lazing around a stupid amount.

feel a bit drained if im honest, still need to catch up on sleep. ive got four ulcers in my mouth; each and everyone absolutely kills me. its so hard to eat and its so frustrating. even talking is difficult on occasion :-( sobbbbbb.

happy new years eve, eve everyone. what are your plans for tomorrow? im off out for a meal with my boyfriend then im gonna chill and drinkkkkkkk some 'pop.'

hope you all make some good new years resolutions, im yet to think of mine. let me know what yours are, and have a happy new year whatever youre doing :-)

charlotte x

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