3 December 2011


after a five and a half hour shift at work, my feet are actually refusing to withstand my body weight, both they, and i, are absolutely
s h a t t e r e d.
not long watched x factor, and i still cant believe janet's gone :-( but from this point onwards, i wish amelia lily to be crowned championnnnn. watching im a celebrity at the moment, dougie poynter you are god. youve just managed to eat penis and your still absolutely beautiful. (definately my kind of man after claiming food is better than sex.) mark isnt too bad either, infact, ive grown almost fond. these pair are so cute, its unbelievable.
tomorrow im off to chester to spend a couple of days lazing around with oliver, living life like a student. no doubt i'll get there, having forgotten something thats a necesity. maybe buy a few christmas presents (if i can actually afford/think of anything.) i know i wont want to leave, i never want to leave anywhere when i manage to get away from home. not seeing oll for two weeks, is such a burden. time goes so slowly, when i want it to go faster, and it goes too fast when i wish it'd slow down. i hate how the world works against us.
kinda gutted, almost dissapointed, that im not going to uni next year but, im so excited to start my art foundation. art is such a good way of expressing myself, cant express how much passion i have for the subject.
I JUST LIKE EXPRESSING MYSELF (not only in art, but music, fashion etc.)
you may or may not know, im a bit different when it comes to fashion. i dont follow the crowd at all, i dress how i like, although it may not be to everyones taste, i like being the individual i am. i never wish to hide away behind clothes and trends that are like that of everyone else.

"being different is being remembered."

Charlotte x

(ps, twenty-two days until christmas.)

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