23 December 2011


past few days have been full of 'activity' and don't take that in the literal sense, i know some people have a dirty mind.

social on wednesday night was a little interesting to say the least. it was totally dead when we got there but then it got started. a few drinks later and everything is absolutely fine. brodie and myself managed to dance a few hours away (without sounding gay) before all the messiness started. fists were flying everywhere. anyway, i wont bore you with the rest of the pointless details.

thursday night i was meant to be going out, but due to copious spending recently and a very small bank balance, i chose not to go. played too much xbox, ate too much chocolate, drank too much squash and caught up on some shut eye. well i tried to sleep but, i had a certain someone snoring next to me and hogging half the bed.

i lose track of time in the holidays, i forget which days are which and i never seem to know when im meant to be where. today, that was no different, i woke up ridiculously late and sprawled in bed most of the day, watched tv and chilled out to the max before coming home after my three day spree at the hawkins' household.

my life actually feels a little like made in chelsea, minus the ridiculously large houses and ridiculously large bank balances. cliche i know but i have such good friends, well close friends, plenty of people i get on with and a boy who makes me stupidly happy. although theres the occasional twists of drama and unecessary words said, my world is still spinning nicely. actually feel like im getting somewhere with what i want to do and im really looking forward to doing my art foundation next year.

im excited for christmas, even though i know the majority of my presents. cant wait for a nice bit of money to go and splash on more clothes that i dont need and stupid amounts of shoessss dammit.

anyway, im gonna leave you with the thought that im watching titanic in bed, in the dark, with a pint of squash. i definately dont lead a sad lifeeeeeeee.

charlotte x

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